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Be Healthy in DIfferent Kinds of Ways is a blog site that helps the reader to be healthy and fit by working out or doing sports while eating appropriate food for their body type – it has articles on how to get into shape, what foods are good if you want an advantage at any sport (from football all way up through marathon running), information about different types of workouts such as weightlifting/cardio routines which would work best depending upon where your strengths lay; also advice from professional athletes like Chris Bosh who have experienced first hand just what his own hard-earned knowledge can do! Topics range far beyond “running shoes” too: we offer programs designed around fat loss goals with individual coaches available just send a message.

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We Offer You More Than Just Articles

We offer you more than just articles about different ways to work out or eat; we offer readers information on what they do – how many push-ups, pull-ups, miles ran. We’re not like other blogs that give you general “stuff” — would you rather browse through 10 articles talking about the same thing.

We also offer you a unique community experience – We have many articles written by different kinds of people. They write from experience or from studies they did.

We also offer, as mentioned before, professional advice from those who have been there and done that – how many articles can you find on the web with a personal trainer explaining why working out for 3 hours is bad? We try to keep it real and fun so we don’t go around preaching and lecturing about what you should or shouldn’t do.

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