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About The Founder

George G. Smith

George G. Smith is the founder of the9hub.com. He is a professional trainer in Arizona. He has helped many people lose weight and get in shape. He started this blog to help everyone else get in shape too. He holds many certifications, including being certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

George is an athlete himself, he has played college football and coaches his high school alma mater. George trains every day to keep up with his busy lifestyle. He also helps other people keep active by coaching them in their workouts. George is also certified in water fitness and recertified CPR & First Aid.

Our Statement

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of this blog is to provide readers with information on working out and eating right that will aid them in their struggle to lose weight, get fit or just maintain a good quality of life.

Additionally, The9Hub provides coaching sessions with certified personal trainers who offer one-on-one training for more specific need of the client including weight loss, weight gain, and general fitness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best service possible for our readers. We want everyone who visits us to leave knowing more about their body and how it works; whether they are trying to lose weight, gain weight or just maintain their current condition.